And suddenly out of the blue, an entry for The Boob Jam! We’ve been working on this on and off throughout the month but we still managed to get something out. The Milk of Human Kindness is a game centered around the family life of two women, Brooke and Cecilia, who deal with a boob-loving baby among other things daily.

Title: The Milk of Human Kindness
Genre: Family Life, GxG, Kinetic Novel
Length: 5.8K words 
OS: Windows, Macintosh, Linux
Engine: Ren’Py

For now, you can download the game here. We’ll upload the game to our website once we get the time. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone at TwinTurtle Games for participating!

Cold Wave

Cold Wave: An Autoboobgraphy with Lasers is, well, exactly what it sounds like. “The character remembers some personal stories about growing boobs when you’re a kid,” Sachka explains, “and how they’re a weird thing to carry around.

"At least, boobs should be able to fire lasers, shouldn’t they?" Hear, hear, Sachka and the Cold Wave team; indeed they should.

My Hobby

Think fast; pop quiz time! My Hobby tests your bra-shopping and -fitting knowledge and know-how. Creator Lea wrote this explanation:

Knowing a lot of trivia about large-cup bras is one of my hobbies because it has to be. This brief quiz is intended to edutain; I hope to inspire some of the dual feelings of frustration and solidarity that bra-searching brings to me.

The quiz is strictly client-side Javascript, meaning I won’t see your answers unless you send them to me using the email link cleverly lurking at the bottom of the page.

Thanks, Lea!

Grand Titons

Designer Devi Ever describes Grand Titons as “an autobiographical journey of my transition as told via a dystopian platformer fantasy.”

It’s also an excellent action game in its own right, and with style to spare. And while Grand Titons may be short and straightforward, the environments and enemies—along with the protag’s own changing avatar—reveal tons of narrative texture. Grand Titons presents a fully-realized universe in an economy of pixels. Fans of ‘Another World’ and classic Apogee platform games will definitely groove on this.

Jiggle Physics

Jiggle Physics is, in the wry words of its creator Lana Polansky, a “very subtle game about a bowl of Jello.”

It’s true that people receive a barrage of mixed messages about their own, erm, bowls of Jell-o. Jiggle Physics cuts through all that very nicely.

The Kingdom of Shitland


It’s lewd, okay, and it’s crude, but allow me to editorialize: Bruno Pinheiro's Kingdom of Shitland falls pretty exactly within the Boob Jam’s parameters. It doesn’t sexualize breasts and in fact goes out of its way to be decidedly unsexy (well, or uh, you know).

To play Shitland, tap X as fast as you can to feed Princess Peach. Then press the space bar to control the pace and intensity of her highness’s bowel movements. It’s just like Angry Birds, but with scat.

I’ll be honest, I’m impressed with this submission on multiple levels. Mechanically it’s pretty tight—we got to 14 meters, and we’re still playing—and conceptually, well, suffice to say I never anticipated a #boobjam game about arcing plumes of diarrhea. It’s nice to see Princess Peach with a superpower other than crying, for once.

P.S. The sun is a boob.

#boobjam is this weekend!

Sending all our best to everyone jamming out boob-games this weekend!


Gaze, by Ted DiNola, pits the “player” in a staring contest against a pair of tits. Does the game subvert the “male gaze”? Is the idea to decontextualize the breast until it finally becomes this strange, alien thing? “Sure,” Ted says, nodding.

  • Play Gaze (direct link)

Those Darn Nipples!


Andrew’s Those Darn Nipples! is a surprisingly challenging arcade version of, essentially, Pin the Nipple on the Boobie. The game features breasts of all shapes and sizes. Do you, dear player, know where a nipple goes? It’s trickier than it looks!



Fittest recasts that most epic and daunting of adventurers’ tasks—bra-shopping—in a fantasy setting. “It’s based on my friend’s tales of bra shopping to no avail,” writes creator Aaron Steed.

Fittest is cleverly built and also very, very funny.