• Who are you?

Great question! I’m Jenn, a longtime video game reviewer and person.

  • Who am I?

I mean, you tell us! You could be anybody!

Maybe you are a person who has a complicated relationship with her own boobs. Maybe you love having boobs; maybe you wish you didn’t have boobs at all. Maybe you don’t have boobs anymore. Maybe you have boobs for the first time! Maybe you are a kid who is terrified of having boobs. Maybe you are someone who can’t find a bra that fits. Maybe your back and body hurt. Maybe your boobs are literally trying to kill you. Maybe you had a reduction or implants or reconstructive surgery (or didn’t)! Maybe you are trans* or genderqueer and concealing your boobs. Or maybe you never think about boobs at all and, for you, boobs get to be this weird foreign thing.

  • What if I’m not any of those people?

You sound suspiciously like a straight cis dude. You get your own subsection! It’s possible you are a dad who has learned about bra-shopping with his kid, or maybe you are a husband or son who watched a loved one experience a medical scare. You, too, can be a boob ally.

  • So that means I can participate, right?

Well, that’s up to you. No one is saying you can’t, but please use your own hard-won discretion if you do choose to join in.

Again, The Boob Jam aims to approach the topic of boobs from any angle except as a plaything for straight cis guys. (Which isn’t to say they can’t be, but let’s investigate other meanings or perspectives!)